Mission statement

Who we are

Miteinander Lernen – Birlikte Ögrenelim is an anti-racist, feminist, impartial independent women’s organization, which offers counseling, education and psychotherapy for women, children and families with immigrant backgrounds and is primarily focused on Turkey. Founded in 1983 in Vienna, the non-profit organization is mainly financed by public funds and to a lesser extent from personal resources.

What we offer


  • Educational counseling (including literacy)
  • parental counseling
  • educational guidance
  • womens`counseling
  • family counseling
  • health counseling
  • Guidance to authorities and offices
  • Networking between parents, students and schools
  • Public information meetings
  • Concept development
  • Supervision and counseling for institutions Institutional supervision and counseling
  • Psychosocial counseling


  • primary education corses for women
  • Childcare during the courses
  • Workshops
  • After school tutoring and care for children ages 7-15
  • Concept and curricula development
  • Public relations in regards to women and migration-specific issues
  • Parental school


  • Systemic therapy for individuals, couples and families (German, English, Turkish, Zazaki)
  • Psychosocial counseling for individuals, couples and families (Dari und Farsi)
  • internships
Target groups
  • Women, children and families with immigrant experiences and people of immigrant backgrounds
  • People in bicultural relationships
  • Spokespersons in areas of health, the social realm and education
How we work
  • We are a multi-professional team of German, Turkish and Persan speaking women and work with standards of quality control.
  • We democratically choose our programs and structural organization.
  • Our work is process and need-oriented.
  • We develop comprehensive, holistic and innovative concepts and curricula.
  • We take into account principles of gender equality and diversity.
  • Our feminist and anti-racist attitude is the framework for all of our activities.
Project Aims
  • We want to encourage immigrants in the successful fulfillment of the complex integration process.
  • We use our resources to primarily support women in the development of positive lifestyles.
  • We encourage women in creating stable and healthy living environments.
  • We promote equal opportunities in health, cultural and social activities and strive to solve issues of structural, social, cultural and economic discrimination.
  • We want to deconstruct mutual prejudices and be role models via our bicultural team.
  • We want to continue our work in sustainable integration.